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Support The Roseville Firefighters
Originally Posted On: SATURDAY, 20 JUNE 2015 Is the SAFETY of our community worth 50 cents an hour? Short-changing public safety is bad for taxpayers, bad for homeowners and bad for the future of our city. Please help us encourage the City of Roseville, California Government to support the Roseville Firefighters by calling City Hall today: 916-774-5200.

The Roseville Firefighters Ask For Your Support
Originally Posted On: SATURDAY, 18 JULY 2015 The Roseville firefighters are asking for reasonable, affordable, and necessary changes that protect the Roseville firefighters, their families, the City, and citizens of Roseville, California. To learn more, please visit the website below. Help us get the word out! Please "like" and "share" this post with your friends today.

City of Roseville Public Safety (Police & Fire)
Originally Posted On: TUESDAY, 14 JULY 2015 May 18th through 24th is National Emergency Medical Services Week. Each year Kaiser Permanente Roseville honors paramedics for their life-saving work. This year Dr. Joseph Morris from Kaiser’s Emergency Department awarded Roseville Fire crew Captain Akeson, Engineer Sedeno and FF/P Kornweibel with the service award for their response to a stroke patient who had a 100% recovery.

City of Roseville Public Safety: Fire Truck Training
Originally Posted On: THURSDAY, 09 JULY 2015 City of Roseville Public Safety (Police & Fire) at the Roseville Fire Training Tower. Fire Truck Training - 27 Members of Roseville Fire participated in a two day class on Fire Truck operations. The course focused on more efficient ventilation, forcible entry, and search operations.