Cole Bradley Update

Cole Bradley Update

Here is the update on Cole 2 days after open heart surgery.

  • The surgery only required doctors to partially cut into his sternum and didn’t have to open the entire chest. According to his father Mike, Cole's zipper is a little longer than before.
  • Cole was extubated, and has had several IV’s removed. 
  • Chest tube was removed yesterday 
  • He is up, awake, talking and eating. He is able to get out of bed and sit in a chair.
  • A problem occured after placement of the pacemaker. This problem did not exist before the surgery. The problem is insufficient ventricular conduction.
  • To address the problem, doctors implanted a demand AV sequential pacemaker to augment and/or correct in insufficient heart rate.
  • Doctors are hoping the ventricular conduction problem is transient. If not transient, Cole will have to return to Stanford for invasive surgery in 6 months to place additional wires to ventricle. Long term ventricle pacing is not good for kids with his condition
  • The good news is the ventricular component of pacemaker is firing regularly.

Overall Cole is doing good and he is in good spirits. Doctors are considering sending him home in a day or two! This is definitely unexpected and great news!

Cole's family would like to thank you all for being there for them and for the prayers. 

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