Roseville Fire Captain Son Undergoes Open Heart Surgery

Roseville Fire Captain Son Undergoes Open Heart Surgery

Cole Bradley, son of Roseville Fire Captain Mike Bradley, is undergoing open heart surgery today (10/13/15). Cole was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. The condition basically means that he has only 2 of the 4 chambers that normally exist in the heart. He does not have the left ventricle or left atria.  Already during his short 11 years of life, he has had three open heart surgeries that have changed the way that the blood flows in his body. Slowly over time he has become less and less exercise tolerant.  During his annual visit to his cardiologist this year doctors noticed his heart rate to be low, about 40 beats per minute. At night his heart rate dipped into the teens. A normal resting heart rate is usually above 50 BPM.  Even during a treadmill test his heart could only reach 70 BPM whereas it should be around 130 BPM.

Cole’s medical team decided to implant a cardiac pacemaker. Unfortunately because of the unique blood flow of his body, Cole cannot have a standard Transvenous Cardiac Pacemaker (placed under the skin and above chest cavity). He has to have his sternum opened to place the pacemaker and wires. Please keep Cole and the Bradley Family in your prayers and thoughts today. Our membership is wearing a support band (pictured) to show our support.b2ap3_thumbnail_Cole-3.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_Cole.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_Test1.JPG



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