Cole Bradley is Home

Cole Bradley, son of Captain Mike Bradley, has made it home and recovering from last weeks open heart surgery. He is healing quickly and off most pain medications. This Thursday he has a follow up and suture removal at a Roseville cardiologist. In a month he will return to Stanford for a follow up with an Electrophysiologist. That specialist will make adjustments to the pacemaker settings. The Bradley's started taking visitors this week. Col...
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Cole Bradley Update

Here is the update on Cole 2 days after open heart surgery. The surgery only required doctors to partially cut into his sternum and didn’t have to open the entire chest. According to his father Mike, Cole's zipper is a little longer than before.Cole was extubated, and has had several IV’s removed. Chest tube was removed yesterday He is up, awake, talking and eating. He is able to get out of bed and sit in a chair.A problem occured after...
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Roseville Fire Captain Son Undergoes Open Heart Surgery

Cole Bradley, son of Roseville Fire Captain Mike Bradley, is undergoing open heart surgery today (10/13/15). Cole was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. The condition basically means that he has only 2 of the 4 chambers that normally exist in the heart. He does not have the left ventricle or left atria.  Already during his short 11 years of life, he has had three open heart surgeries that have changed the way that the blood flows in ...
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Roseville Fill The Boot

team 5021
The first Fill the Boot campaign took place in Massachusetts in 1954 and raised $5,000. In 2014, $26.8 million was raised by the combined effort of more than 100,000 fire fighters.  That money is fighting to give kids and adults their day freedoms back--the freedom to walk, talk, hug someone they love and even to breathe. Here in the Roseville and surrounding area, you might see your local fire fighters standing on street corners or outside ...
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Support The Roseville Firefighters

Is the SAFETY of our community worth 50 cents an hour? Short-changing public safety is bad for taxpayers, bad for homeowners and bad for the future of our city. Please help us encourage the City of Roseville, California Government to support the Roseville Firefighters by calling City Hall today: 916-774-5200. Support Roseville Firefighters


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